Heather Lewis, plastic dishes, 2007 brass potstand new pic Heather Lewis packaging materials, 2008 al 1
Heather Lewis, sardine can repeat, al 3 Heather Lewis, sardine can repeat, det2 Heather Lewis, found objects with light rods, 2006
Heather Lewis, tires and circular objects, 2006 Heather Lewis, half drop luau bowl with split rings, 2006 a Heather Lewis, tags and inserts, 2008 a

Stenciling and printing are used by industry to remove skill and creativity from production for commercial reasons.

In my work these processes are explored for their ability to import graphic and cultural elements into the experimental arena of the canvas. 

Using manufactured items to create artwork in this way is a kind of visual pun, while also reclaiming power. I get to direct the outcome of an "industrial" process to suit my own ends.


Heather Lewis, sardine can repeat, det2

Sardine can repeat on pink (detail), 2007

acrylic on canvas

36 x 36 inches

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