Pay per view dormant charlotte Pay per view charlotte full on NJ ppv on cr
Pay-per-view Pay-per-view at Hatchfest, Asheville, 2011 Pay-per-view imagined on Asheville Art Museum exterior
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One person pays for a few minutes of viewing time that will be shared with the rest of the audience. The product is not conventional entertainment but artwork that engages with the viewer's environment.

In the initial versions of the installation the images are created by overhead projectors from actual objects.  Other work includes using purely reflected light to create images, and I am working on a peep show of digital images. 

The pay-per-view artwork could be seen as a range of contemporary fine art products conceived by an artist but produced in the public sphere by a machine (with hired operator if necessary) and the consumers themselves.

Pay-per-view, 2011 (no coin), (McColl Center for Visual Arts)

Mirrors, coin meter, light

Dimensions variable



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